Board of Directors

  • Tim Barry / Board Chair 
  • Tammie Henriksen / Treasurer 
  • Rheanna Wohosky / Secretary 
  • Brad Russell
  • Sky Andren 
  • Chris Valavala
  • Vanessa Jimenez


  • Troy Wohosky / Head Coach
  • Francisco De La Fuente / Assistant Coach
  • Julio Flores / Assistant Coach
  • JoJo Guillaume / MMA Coach
  • Alex Tsarans / Boxing Coach

spartan staff

  • Troy Wohosky / Executive Director
  • JoJo Guillaume / Office Manager
  • Robert Wohosky / Administrative Assistant

Spartan Officials

  • Trinity Branson
  • Julio Flores
  • Seamus Sowa
  • Travis Cooke
  • Alicia Cooke

Troy Wohosky


Troy Wohosky started Spartan Boxing in 2012. He is a husband, father of two, coach, motivational speaker and professional boxer. Troy was born in the Philippines, moving to the US at 7yrs old. He was a promising fighter by age 9 but a few years later his life took a turn. He dropped out of school, became affiliated with gangs and ran into trouble with the law. At the young age of 15 he and his girlfriend (now wife), Rheanna, conceived their first child. Troy wanted a better life for his son, Lokai. In order to be successful he had to leave his troubled life behind. He focused instead on boxing and soon became one of the country’s top boxers, ranked #3 in the nation. Troy has traveled all over the world competing, including a tour with Team USA Boxing. He has an impressive boxing record with 87 amateur wins, 20 by knockout, and 17 losses. His professional record is 2-1. Troy has a deep rooted desire to steer troubled youth in the right direction.

• 1999 – Silver Gloves/Silver Medalist
• 2000 – Silver Gloves/Silver Medalist
• 2000 – Blue and Gold Nationals Rank#1
• 2001- Junior Olympic Bronze Medalist
• 2003 – Under 19 Bronze Medalist
• 2003 – U.S. Nationals Bronze Medalist
• 2004 – U.S. Nationals Bronze Medalist
• 2005 – Western Golden Gloves Rank#1
• 2008 – Olympic Trials Double Elimination
(Lost on the third day) Ranked #2 and #3 in U.S. Nationals.
U.S.A Team Representing the U.S.
• Wins in England and Canada
• World Cup in South Korea, winning against Romania, losing to Russia

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