Each session begins with a series of stretches and exercises. New members will spend their first few sessions at the beginners station learning basic skills such as stance, footwork, movement and basic punches. When proficiency is reached, they move to more advanced circuit training. The training that our athletes receive is highly refined and produces well trained, competent, skilled boxers.


Boxers need to wear comfortable, appropriate workout clothes (outlined in our Code of Conduct). Handwraps are required: 108″ length for elementary age students, 180″ for all others. Athletes who participate in sparring are required to have a mouth guard. Gloves are available to loan temporarily at the gym.



Try it free for a week! After the trial period, our unlimited monthly membership fee’s are only:

  • $40 – Individual
  • $60 – Couple
  • $70 – Family of 5 who reside at the same address; $10 for each additional child; $20 for each additional adult
  • $10 – Day pass for an adult 18+
  • $5 – Day pass for a youth under 18


  • MMA:
  • $60 – 3x per week


Members of our gym are eligible to compete when the head coach feels that the proper level of skill has been attained. All student athletes must be passing classes, have good school attendance and positive behavior reports in order to compete.


  • Be prepared for class: handwraps on and necessary equipment with you
  • Follow the Spartan Code of Conduct, IN and OUT of the gym
  • Be respectful to staff and fellow athletes

***Parents are welcome to stay during training. We ask that all spectators observe from seating area
and resist the urge to coach from the sidelines***

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